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From the Desk of Joe Hawranek: Founding Member Vertical Rising and Founding Member Affiliate Vertical Legacy

Joe is a retired high technology businessman with expertise in communications networks, computers, start-ups and economics.   He spent 40 years in engineering, marketing and management bringing products to market. These were systems such as Point of Sale, software such as X.25 packet switching and products such as security encrypting modems. After retirement, he looked to create a business where he could complement his retirement income and give some of his knowledge back to others. While he was thinking this through, he co-founded a TEA party called Las Cruces Sons of Liberty,which currently gets 5,000 visitors per day. This taught him about the power of internet marketing and gave him the idea of where to focus.

Go Where the Growth Is  – Which Industry is Growing Rapidly?

He then discovered online affiliate marketing.   Over one billion users have been added to Social Networking in the last 5 years. He understands markets and this is growth that the world has never seen before. It is a river of opportunity that people are just beginning to figure out how to fish.  A

JoRi Circle LP

JoRi Circle LP

good rule to follow in any economy in order to make significant money is to go where the growth is occurring.

In The Next Millionaires, Paul Zane Pilzer predicts  10 million millionaires will be made over the next 10 years using the internet.   They will come from a set of entrepreneurs that master direct selling via the internet.  The affiliates will meet users needs for instant information gratification (IIG), health education and internet education.  These are the segments that Vertical Rising and Vertical Legacy focus upon.

Joe decided to work from home, do less travel and become an online marketer on the internet.  He also wanted to “give back” to others some of his 40 years of experience in bringing products to market.  He joined Vertical Rising as a Founding Member and Vertical Legacy as a Founding Member Affiliate.   He has had fun learning online marketing while  writing Blog articles on his passion – Geopolitics.

What is your area of expertise?  Vertical Rising allows you to write about any subject that deeply interests you – - – and, make money while doing it!   An added benefit is that the people in online marketing are entrepreneurs who generally help one another because they are all learning about this new industry.

What Does the Future Hold?

Many including Joe understand that the US and Europe are in a Depression and the economy is going to get worse.  If you are unemployed, underemployed or unhappy in your job, you need to recognize the jobs are gone and are not coming back soon. They have been shipped overseas.  The answer to finding work and financial independence lies within you – - – Start your own Business!   Join Vertical Rising / Legacy and we will help you make your business profitable.  The price of entry is low but it does require work on your part to learn the industry and the marketing techniques. That is where the training, webinars, videos and one on one help from your sponsor comes to bear.

Joe published an article that explains his understanding and belief in Vertical Legacy.  It is called, “Vertical Legacy Review” . The article reviews Vertical Legacy: the company, its products, it prices, affiliate compensation plans, its training, its management team and where the company is likely heading.  Alternatively to clicking on the title you can Google it.  It is marked “This is the one” and is within the top 3 on Google.  It should answer many of your possible questions.   Read it, get a better understanding and and if you like it, join up below and I will be your sponsor.

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